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Founded in 1975, membership is drawn from residents of the Royal Burgh  of Auchtermuchty (Fife, Scotland) and surrounding area. Golf is played at  Ladybank Golf Club and all 24 Society members must also be members of the Ladybank club.

Historically, Auchtermuchty had an 18-hole golf course, on hill land east of the town above the Cupar road, dating from around 1901 up until the onset of World War II when the course was given over to farmland. The Club did not reform after WWII and the course has remained within the farming community.

Around 1974, a few Auchtermuchty residents, regular weekend golfers at nearby Ladybank Golf Club, decided to set up a small Society. After an initial meeting, a Constitution was established and Office Bearers elected. Over the years many changes of personnel have done little to diminish the enthusiasm of the members.   

The information on this site is mainly intended for the use of Society members but please feel free to browse.

If you are interested in the Society please e-mail the Webmaster.