Handicap System


The Society season runs from April through October and there are various competitions open to the 24 members. We play on Sundays, normally in the early morning, but also on the late afternoon on the days when Ladybank competitions take priority.

There are various Stroke play, Stableford, Bogey and Invitation Greensomes competitions played throughout the season. We usually open the year with the Balfour Flask on Jan 2nd over 9 holes. This competition is for 3 clubs plus a putter and on the occasions when winter intervenes we play in late March over 18 holes using 4 clubs and putter.

Singles & Doubles are all-season competitions and pairings and opponents are drawn at the Annual General Meeting in March.  Ties must be played by the Drop-dead dates or both parties are scratched. Not for us the ignominy of first name on the sheet  being the "challenger".  If  members of a 24-strong Society can't (or won't) get in touch in time to play then they don't deserve to go through to the next round. There are always exceptions but we tend to ignore them! As in all our Match Play events, the lowest handicap player goes to scratch and others receive strokes equivalent to  difference.

The Round Robin is played as Handicap match play. Each member should attempt to play each other, at least once, at any time during the season.  Win = 2 pts, Half = 1. Inevitably members do play more than once but we only count the first result.

There is an Annual Outing, usually to a quality course with an hour's drive of Auchtermuchty, when we play our 36 hole Scratch & Handicap competitions with a  Stableford competition in the afternoon to give those who had a bad morning round a reason to go back out! A recent tradition has seen the awarding of the Yellow Jersey, a rather large garment, discarded some years ago by a dieting member, and usually presented to the individual whose Outstanding Golfing Achievement on the day has merited such an award. This garment must be worn for the remainder of the day, there being no exceptions.

There are all-season Eclectic and 6 Best Cards competitions. These apply to rounds over Ladybank golf course and may be returned for any game played between Society members. The Eclectic is a net score event. Strokes are taken in accordance with  current handicap and the Stroke Indicator. Competitors don't have to remember what they scored previously, there being a spreadsheet which works it out. We're not entirely daft!

The Monthly Medal, a lovely trophy dating from the original Auchtermuchty Golf Club circa 1903, is competed as a stroke play event from April through September and the winners play off in October for the right to retain the prize for the year.

The Invitation Greensomes has guests playing off national handicap with the member playing Auchtermuchty handicap. Both parties drive, one ball is selected and alternate shots are played from that point. 

Strathmiglo Tavern Society, from our neighbouring village, issued a challenge in 2004 which has been taken up by our Society and is played as an annual match of about 5 or 6 pairs, Ryder Cup style, with the losing pair buying their opponents lunch. Matches are played to the 18th and "holes up" are counted for the overall total  The Demperston Jug, similar in shape to the Open Championship trophy, was donated by a member with a foot in both camps which ensures friendly rivalry is paramount.

There is a Society in the nearby town of  Newburgh, about 5 miles north of Auchtermuchty, whose members are also members of Ladybank and regularly play just ahead of us on a Sunday morning.  For over 20 years we played a match against Newburgh in an annual fourball match, a Shield being awarded to the winning team. 

Our end of season competition is played on Captain's Day. The format is left to the individual Captain to decide. There have been Texas Scrambles, Flag Competitions, Triples, etc, there was even talk of a Yellowsome, which didn't materialise. Nothing is ruled out. We've had some funny Captains.